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With the hope that all our guests will spend time in warm atmosphere, we offer our best hospitality. Please feel at home, as if you were staying at your second home in Bessho Onsen.


Total no. of guest rooms:7

Japanese room for 3 people:4 Japanese room for 4 people:3(including 2 smoking rooms)

Check in : 15:00 onwards

Check out: by 10:30

Parking lot

Internet access: Wireless LAN “freespot”(free)

Homemade cuisine

Our chef of the owner prepares guest’ meals, glancing at seasonal landscapes of the day in Bessho Onsen. The chef’s originals are fresh water fish cuisine, dish prepared from edible wild plants and meat dish, which feature local ingredients.

Most of our dishes specialize in seasons, such as Matsutake washrooms in autumn. They are originals and different from some dishes in ordinary Japanese style inns.. They have been appreciated by our guests.

Other options are available with fee (\1,500 per person). Please order at your reservation.

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Reserved natural hot springs

Our hot springs are 100% natural and piped in directly from the source. Each hot spring characterizes unique landscapes: azaleas and cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green foliage in summer, colouring of foliage inn Autumn and snow in winter.

Please enjoy our hot springs with1,400 year history of Bessho Onnsen and views of four seasons.







Relaxed and quiet Japanese rooms

All rooms are Japanese style tatami rooms. Please relax in the calm atmosphere and enjoy the tranquility of the traditional Japanese architectural space.

  • ogami
  • megami
  • nanakuri
  • chikuma


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